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1Ulricus Voss Empty Ulricus Voss on Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:29 pm


Well, its your allmighty fearless fanatic warriorpriest leader Ulricus turn to get the introductionspotlight on him. And first of all, you can basically put negotations on the above mentioned attributes Very Happy

Im 27 years old and live in Sweden in a semi-large city. I think its up there with the 10 biggest citys in Sweden. Im not quite sure, since I dont quite care, but for information purposes it might be interesting? Shocked

Im currently passing my time away with studies on the university level. During my last 3-4 years of life I´ve been taking a great interest in heavy theorethical texts and studies. I love to think, and to think about my life in relation to everything and everyone around me. Hence, my academic life jumped of with Philosophy where my favourite topics where Metaphysics and Epistimology. To many old men and to little practical science in that area (Bloody Platon and his dialoges...) compelled me to change my area of interest to Sociology and after a quick peek into Gender and Gendersciences, mostly femenistic theory, I am now back into Sociology again. Currently studying aspects of Family and close relationships in the new modern societys. Where will all this lead? Well, probably into some sort of youth and family counseling. Nothing gives me more sense of purpose then to be able to help those that find it hard to settle into modern life. Something that alot of people experience today.

My first contact with MMOs happened in 2003 with the release of EverQuest 2. More commonly known as only EQ2. You could say that I got bitten and stuck with the whole MMO experience right away. I was hooked, and hooked bad spending everything between 6-8 hours a day, loving every single moment of the time. This was of course long before I knew about things as "nerf" and "balancing issues" Very Happy . Ahh...good old days. After EQ2 I had a stab at WoW but that was so far away from EQ2 that I could possible get, and I also rolled on a PvP-Server because I had IRL friends on it, so it didnt last for more then six months. It was also during this time that I came to be aware of why I liked EQ2 so much, and why I didnt like WoW. The example that follows illustrates what I mean: I was standing with my little Tauren Warrior in Crossroads in the Barrens just checking my mailbox out. I suddenly get a duel request from X. I decline and get another one 2 seconds after. I again decline, followed by another request which I again decline. By this time, X has run up next to me and while jumping up and down still request to duel with me. Polite as I am, I type in /Say "What part of no dont you understand?" which yields the response "noob" and X runs away. After this I put WoW away and never returned to it.

After WoW I have been a frequent MMO player. My brother (Krogan) says Im addicted, I like to call it, EXTREMLY dedicated...ehem...I´ve played Vanguard, Guild Wars, Lotro, Pirates of the burning sea, Tabaula Rasa, Dungeons & Dragons online, EvE and a bucketload of F2P Korean MMOs like RF-Online, Archlord or other fancy named games.

What I looking for in WAR? Well , this is my first try at RvR (No I dont count WoW on the PvP server *shudders*). And it has been, and still is, one of the main reasons for me playing it. I love it, and it always feels fun, new and fresh where as PvE content can quickly become boring and repetetive in my opinion. I also like, as Flis, to get memories for life. I have so many now from MMOs that I can think on and it gives me a smile and a good hearty laugh. And thats what its all about in the end:

Good Fun, memories and new people to share this with.

Looking forward to this with you all!


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