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Flis (meh, wont let me post a topic title with less than 10 characters!)

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Hi I'm Flis (SM), no idea what rank I am although I'd hazard a guess at Soldier as the guild ranks seem to be bugged at the time of writing. I'm a 39 year old male nursing auxilliary from Devon, so I work some pretty odd hours. I play a female toon as my main - if I'm going to have to follow a character around a few paces behind then I prefer looking at lady arse. Cool

I'm a bit alt-tastic and tend to have a number of characters on the go, so you may well find me playing Plink (SW) or Tomas (WH) or some other random character.

I've played DAoC obsessively in the past, loved it dearly and was distressed to say the least that all of a sudden WoW launched and took all of my mates away to play a hugely cartoony and easy to play button mashing thing that seemed to dumb down MMORPG combat to "whack-a-mole". I grudgingly bought the game and went to play with my freinds, but WoW never lived up to it's name for me although I played for about three years. Overall I've been playing MMORPG's for about seven years and despite what I've just written have had a bluddy good time with them.

Best time of all: taking two full groups to Thidranki - a Battleground in DAoC. Everyone in teamspeak although only group leaders talking most of the time. We had map spots predetermined (rally points and suchlike) and despite being outnumbered by both of the other factions utterly ripped the place to bits, resulting in keep capture and overall game pie. *Queue quavery old bloke voice* Ahh them was the days.

Despite WAR being a bit button mashy too, I'm bluddy enjoying it - it's a total breath of fresh air after being restricted to WoW. I think this has a high change of hitting my DAoC "spot". Very Happy

I'm here for the fun and hopefully making new best "times of all" Wink

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I dub thee owner of the longest surname Mr.meh wont let me post a topic title with less than 10 characters

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