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Krogan Ironjaw

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1Krogan Ironjaw Empty Krogan Ironjaw on Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:14 am

Hiyo! This is Krogan "the invincible" Ironjaw. The bravest and mightiest Ironbreaker of them all!

Im a 19 year old ex-student. affraid So right now Im not to busy with anything.
More about me: Im brother to Ulricus, live in the same city as him and Im also a huge football fan. Can basically watch any football aslong as its good teams, don't really have a favourite club, but if I have to choose then it would be Chelsea FC.

I also play football myself, although not in any highranking club, but we do have ambitions. I hate van der Saar, but I dont mind the team. What a Face

Thats all from me at the moment!

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