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1Adealia Halfelven - Edeas Empty Adealia Halfelven - Edeas on Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:22 am


Edeas - I play a female Sm, how could you stand a male in a dress?

Im from England and in my last year of school trying to get my grades to go into collage.

Recently moved to war due to wanting a break from Wow, been playing it for about 3 years or more, dont realy like what Blizzard do to get there money but i have to say its the best mmo ive ever played. Ive played other mmo's such as lotro where i met Sag and Cly Very Happy, Fury, Archlord, Tabula rasa and also like to play some fps games such as Cod.

As im sure you know im a fast leveler as i dont realy like to hang back in the low levels, just want to get the hard bits over so i can do the fun stuff in the game and relax.

That's all i have to say for now Razz see you all in game

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