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The Chronicles of Ulricus Voss.

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1 The Chronicles of Ulricus Voss. on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:08 pm

A not so glorious day

As long as He could remember, he had always been a curious one. Wonder what would happen if he yelled "Long live Ulric!" at the Sunday mess, watching the response before he added "us!". Or sneaking into the brightwizard collegue to watch "what does crazy Brightwizards" were up to. Years later, even after his entry into the church and his pledge to uphold the virtues of Sigmar did this go away. Even during the darkest days of the Empire, during the days of reckoning, when his days were filled with the mending of wounded soldiers at the warcamps and his long inspiring speeches to try and keep the young soldiers inspired did it go away. It was still there, the naggin almost childlike curiosity. And this day, it would put him into a very awkward position...

Ulricus pulled his cape tighter around his shoulder and huddled closer to the lit fire that provided little warmth and light from the bonechilling cold wind that was tightening its grip around the small camp in High pass. He carefully looked around him at the young soldiers of the Order of the Griffon. Some of them laughed and passed away the time with small talk and games.

"Hmph, new recruits", Ulricus thought for himself

Others beared the mark of more prolonged presence at the front lines, battleweary and with an empty stare, these men sat a little further away from the other men, resting their heads against their halberds that stood up in the snow.

"Looks like there is much work to do here, Sigmar give me strenght"

Ulricus closed his eyes and offered up silent prayer to Sigmar in his head, asking for strenght and guidence. After the silent and solemn prayer he opened up his eyes again and focused at the task at hand. The more pressing task that had forced him to come to this camp earlier, to break of from his patrol and return in haste. Ulricus eyed his surroundings again, his eyes moved swift and scanning the surrounding camp to see if no one was giving him any unwanted attention. Being satisfied that no one did, he quickly pulled his little tin canteen of water and placed it on the ground close to the fire. He watched it carefully and while the reflektion of the canteed and the fire danced in his eyes he slipped away for a moment in his thought. To that moment just about 10 minutes ago, to that moment where the dullness of the patrol and the wieryness of long travels and long evenings at warcamps had triggered that childish curiosity of his about something that he had wondered about every since he first got to Highpass. What if..? Could I..? Would it..? Ulricus let his frostcovered gloved hand cover his eyes and forehead for a moment.

"Stupid, so stupid! Why...Sigmars mercy why did I have to go and..."

He quickly snapped back to reality as he noticed a young soldier standing next to him. Perhaps Ulricus behaviour had prompted the young soldier to ask him if something was wrong.

"Ya allright thar friar?"

The young soldier said with words that sounded like there was no worries or troubles at all in the world.

"Me and me lads ere thought ya looked a lil bummed thar, nuttins wrong right friar?"

Ulricus could see by the look in the young soldiers eyes that he only meant well, but this was not the time for idle sympathy! There were things at stake here that far surpassed the noble intention of this one young soldier! Ulricus managed to muster a low grunt and tried to, as polite as he could, wave the young soldier away. It seemed like the soldier got that point, but he still stood firm. Smiling and watching, waiting.

"Blast! Blast it all!" , Ulricus thought while the panic slowly rose in his chest.

He had totally forgot during this dire time.

"That bloody kid probably wants me to offer him Sigmars blessings!"

Ulricus looked up at the young soldier and met his friendly gaze, trying hard not to reveal his own panic filled eyes. There was no way out of this, he had to do it, he had no choice. Ulricus took a slow deep breath:

"Sigbas bessigs"

The young soldier stood abit stunned and abit speechless for what seemed to Ulricus an eternity, then he uttered:

"Wha...what was that friar?

Ulricus had haved enough by this point, he took one more long deep breath, looked up at the soldier and said, with quite a firm voice:

"I said, Sigbas Bessigs! Dow leaee be aloon!

The young soldier took a few stumblinh steps backward, then quickly turned around and ran back to his friend.

"Bloody new recruits"

Ulricus thought for himself while he lifted the tin canteen of water from the fire and carefully poured the hot water on the frosted part of his armored iron collar where hes tounge had frosen stuck. From his left, where the young soldier and his friend sat, an outburst of hearty laughter could be heard. It echoed around the cliffsides and woke the sleeping soldiers up.

"Well, I guess I can skip the inspiring evening sermons once word of this spreads."

He tossed the empty tin can into the snow, stood up and try to walk away from the fire into his tenth with as much dignity as he could muster.

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2 Re: The Chronicles of Ulricus Voss. on Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:39 am

The siege of Gnol Baraz

Ulricus came crashing down with his bottom at the cold keep floor and with his back against one of the supporting pillars in the lower floor of the keep. He breathed heavily and wiped a mixture of blood and sweet from his forehead. With a thump, Bolts came crashing down next to him. Shoulder to shoulder the two friends took a short respite in the ongoing siege that took place. It had not gone as planned, the destruction forces were plenty in numbers and they had managed to thwart the order warband´s attempt to reach the upper keep floor and its lord. The counterattack had been swift and merciless with severel of the order forces being slaugthered in the process. By some miracle, or by Sigmars eternal grace, Ulricus and Bolts had survived along with three more dwarfs. Two Ironbreakers and a Runepriest who was busy mending the wounds of his fellow dwarfs.

A loud thump against the keep door could be heard, it shoke the keep with such a force that the chandeliers that hanged from the roof rattled. The order reinforcements were outside.

The plan had been to fall back and regroup outside the keep where more order forces were in route but when the remaining survivors managed to get down to the bottom floor they had been, much to thier own disbelief, met by a closed keep door. They were trapped between a substantial destruction force on the floor above them and a sturdy keep door blocking any means of regrouping with the reinforcements. Somehow the destruction forces had repaired the door while the initial fight raged upstairs. It had been a tactical manouver and things really looked grim.

Another loud thump at the keep door echoed in the lower keep room.

Ulricus glanced over towards Bolts. The dwarfs bore signs of battleweariness. Dirty and with specks of blood and oil covering his face. His beard, normally kept tidy even during the hardest of battles had become fuzzy and strands of hair were pointing out everwhere from the normally well kept beads. But the grim determination in his face was still there.

Ulricus watched as Bolts was busy unjamming his blunderbuss and reloading it in the process. He did it quick and with such clockwork precision that it was done almost in the blink of an eye. When He was finished he met Ulricus gaze.

"Whaddya lookin´ at Shiny!? Der be greenskins ta kill!", Bolts said while he nudged Ulricus with his elbow.

Ulricus smiled, though he was to tired to answer the dwarfs smirk comment. He prayed to Sigmar that there would be another time for it. Grabbing his warhammer firmly with his aching hands he nodded towards Bolts and they both swung around and out from their temporary cover.

The sight that meet them was grim, the two Ironbreakers were already engaged in combat with destruction forces that had moved down from the lord room to finish any survivors. Heavily outnumbered they fought with the grim determination that only dwarfs could muster. One of the attacking marauders broke away from the fight with the Ironbreakers and turned his attention towards Bolts and Ulricus who had just appeared from behing the pillar. Running towards them his right arm mutated with the warping powers of chaos into an abomination of flesh and bone.

"For the glory of Sigmar!", Ulricus shouted as He and Bolts charged to meet the marauder.

Bolts lifted his blunderbuss and fired. The wellaimed round hit the maruader square in the chest and he stumbled backwards. With a strike of his riflestock to the gut, he got the marauder to bend forwards. He managed to look up with a defiant gaze towards Ulricus just as he let his warhammer come down with a crushing blow towards the wounded marauders head.

A sudden loud crack made Ulricus turn towards the keep door. Light could be seen coming in from a wide crack between the door and the voices of several order warriors could be heard from the outside.

It was just a matter of time, they just needed to stay alive for a little while longer. Salvation was close. Ulricus turned his attention back to the fight that raged inside the keep. The two Ironbreakers and their fellow Runepriest were either killed or knocked unconcious. There was only Bolts and Ulricus left now. If they could tie up the destruction warriors for just a little while longer, it would keep them from organising a proper defense to counter the order forces that were inches away from breaching the keep door.

"Could use a little help ´ere shiny!"

Bolts was engaged in hand to hand combat with another massive marauder. Ulricus ran as fast as he could to aid his fellow dwarf but was stopped dead in his track by a massive burst of green energy hitting him from the side and tossing him several feets across the room crashing into the far end wall. Barely able to keep concious he saw as the shaman that fired the bolt of energy turned to help the marauder. By now Bolts had managed to pull out a flashgrenade from his belt pack and he tossed it on the ground and closed his eyes. The blinding bang and smoke was enough to confuse the marauder who blindly swinged his monstrosity of an arm from side to side. Bolts quickly sidestepped out of danger and started to run towards Ulricus.

Ulricus tried to raise his arm and warn Bolts of the sneaky shaman git who were standing on the ramp up to the second keep floor. It was in vain as he couldnt muster enough strenght. He could onlt watch on as the shaman conjured up more powers from Gork and Mork and unleashed another green bolt of massive energy that hit Bolts in his back. Sending him face first into the stonewall and falling uncouncious to the ground. Laying in his back right next to Ulricus.

Slipping in and out of counciousness, Ulricus watched helplessly as the blinded Marauder managed to get back his vision and now came towards the two of them. His arm mutated from the monstrosity of flesh into a sharp spike of bone. Was this the end? With his final ounce of strenght Ulricus focused on staying councious and offered up a prayer to Sigmar. To come to thier aid now, in this hour of dire need so that they would live to fight again. The marauder raised his bonespike, ready to let it fall down for the finishing blow.

With a sound of burst wood and metal flying across the room the reinforcing order forces poured into the room. The last thing Ulricus saw was the marauder being hit by several elven arrows then it all went black.

When he came to, everything was silent and a blinding white light was all that he could see. Then a rather blunt slap to his chin made him snap back. He was laying on his side, with a dwarfs bearded face occupying his whole view.

"Tis ´ere manling seems ta be ok lads!"

Ulricus let the runepriest help him back to his feet and imediatly noticed that the forces of order had secured to keep. Order engineers and carpenters were busy repairing the keep door and from upstairs he could here the sound of man issuing orders about. He quickly looked to the place where Bolts had laid. It was empty, save for a small patch of blood. Ulricus shook his initial thought away. He was certain that Bolts was still alive. He was about to ask the runepriest about his friend when a loud burp could be heard coming from outside the keep. Ulricus thanked the runepriest and stumbled towards the door. Leaning on the broken remains he squinted towards the low wall that was about 10 meters from the keep. Sitting on the wall was Bolts, a gentle stream of smoke coming from his pipe and two mugs of ale sitting next to him. He turned around just as Ulricus stepped outside into the sunlight.

"What took ya so long Shiny! Tis´ ere mug o ale was jus´ aboot to go warm a tell ya! One more our´ of sleeping and I´d be drinking it meself!"

Ulricus smiled and walked slowly to join the dwarf for a mug of ale in the sunlight. It looked like Sigmar had blessed him with an oppertunity to fight alongside his friend another day. For this, he was eternally gratefull.

(This story is based on a true event that took place. Me and Bolts were sieging a keep in Gnol Baraz. We got pushed back several times but the warband kept coming back. During our third attempt to take the keep. Me and Bolts, together with two ironbreakers and a runepriest got caught inside the keep when the keep door respawned. An awesome battle took place inside the keep with only the five of us. In the end, only me and Bolts were left, and just as we both hit the ground the door busted open and the remaining order players stormed in. Both me and Bolts got a resurection and we joined the warband and took the keep. To this day, I have never experienced a more rewarding victory in any MMO I have played. This was one of those "memories for life" moments that I play MMOs for. Thanks for being there to share it with me Bolts, it was GLORY!)

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