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Guild Brief

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Sigmarian Vanguard is in its core made up of players that either are real-life friends or friends made from prior MMOs played together. During the guilds relatively short time in Warhammer Online : Age Of Reckoning this core has been blessed by the influx of new players that share the same ideals that the core group started out with and we are slowly growing into a friendly, helpful guild who enjoy a good laugh and some RP from time to time.

Guild ideals and Philosophy

Our main goal is fun, we always go in with this goal in mind, having a good laugh and enjoying the game in as many aspects and levels as possible.

With that being said, we also like to win.

With winning we don't mean that losing is out of the question. With winning we mean that its fun to be able to take out that dungeon end boss, to win the scenario, to finish the PQ, to successfully defend or take that keep. With this in mind we also go in with a "professional" attitude towards what we do as a guild.

What counts as a "professional" attitude then?

Well this could do with a definition as it can be considered as something of a hardcore approach to the game. We are not a hardcore guild. We stress that, as we won't flail anyone for playing the way they wish. With a professional attitude we simply mean things like:

  • Knowing the basic mechanics of the game

  • Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your class as well as other classes

  • Playing together well, with good communication and organisation to achieve the goals set up during events, scenarios runs, Open RvR etc.

But most importantly, and we cannot stress this enough:

To have a great time and have as much fun as possible while doing this

And we feel a professional attitude only helps in this, reducing frustration.

Our philosophy can be summed up with this example, pulling a bad mob in a dungeon is something to be laughed at, not something to rage and flame about.

Guild goals
We want to be able to take part in the endgame content that Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning has to offer. This being endgame dungeons and tier 4 RvR. And in line with our ideals and philosophy stated above, the main goal is not to get the "phat" loot that the endgame has to offer. But to tackle the challenges that are there head on (aka Vanguard) and come out victorious. The loot is just the the "big phat" bonus.

We are not a big guild since we believe in a tight knit community with people that know each other, know each others playstyles, and know what they are good at and not so good at so we can compliment each others pros and cons. An overly large guild tends to feel impersonal and we want everyone to feel like an important part of the guild with their own important input rather then "healer X that's needed to do dungeon Y".

In conclusion
Sigmarian Vanguard is a tightly knit group of players with the main goal of having a good laugh while tackling the big challenges that Warhammer Online : Age Of Reckoning has to offer and come out victorious. All this so we can have something to talk about when we do some casual and fun RP in a tavern in Altdorf, not to have fancy "phat" loot to display to others.

A big welcome to the new members who read this for the first time!
And for you that are not yet members but would like to be, just contact me ingame if you feel that our brief is well aligned with your own MMO-philosophy!

Ulricus Voss
Guildleader of "Sigmarian Vanguard"

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