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Grab Bag Number 5 - Heavy Metal

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1Grab Bag Number 5 - Heavy Metal Empty Grab Bag Number 5 - Heavy Metal on Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:11 pm

Grab Bag No. 5 - Heavy Metal Live Event!
Missy Hatch | Grab Bag | 11/14/2008 @ 11:58:23 EST
Welcome to the Heavy Metal Special issue of the Grab Bag, where we’ll concentrate on the Live Event which introduces two new classes to the front lines – the Black Guard on Destruction’s side, and the Knight of the Blazing Sun on Order’s side. This event starts next week, which is just around the corner! Read up and get ready, it’s time for some serious WAAAGH!

Grab Bag Number 5 - Heavy Metal Grabbag

Q. What’s the first step to getting started in this live event? How will I know where the event is taking place in my zone?

A. Just open up your Tome of Knowledge and click on the Live Events section. Take a moment to listen, and then check out the daily task that’s set before you. Each day, this page will change in order to tell you what the task is for that day. Make sure you log in every day to see what the next task is. The tasks will change every day around midday Eastern time.

Q. I take it those people who have unlocked the classes will be able to continue playing them once they're released for others? Not just a preview period?

A. Yes, once you unlock the class you’ll be able to play it for as long as you choose. If you don’t do the event, you will still be able to play the classes, just not a week early.

Q. Will the early unlocking of the classes be doable by lesser tiers characters? Or will you have to have a T4 char to unlock them?

A. The goal of the event is that every task is soloable, can be done by any level, and is doable in an hour or less.

Q. When I complete the live event with a character, can I only make a KotBS/Blackgaurd on that specific server or will I be able to make one on a different server. Also if I complete it as a destruction character will I be able to create a KotBS, or if on Order be able to create a Blackguard (on a different server)?

A. Once you complete the event and receive your elite reward, your account is flagged as an account which can access the Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun early. Both careers are unlocked at once and you can create them on any server you choose.

Q. Will you fill out the influence solely by doing the daily quests/tasks, or will extras be required? If it can be done just by completing the tasks, then will there be a lottery amongst the people who reach elite influence, or will you pick out the targets that did the best/ got the highest score etc.?

A. The influence bar will fill just by completing the daily tasks. If you complete every task, you will fill your influence bar to 100% and more. Everyone who gets enough influence for the elite reward will unlock the careers for the extra time, there will be no lottery.

Q. Are the 'live events' for this one going to be pvp only for some parts of it? Or will pve be able to be done to complete it (but at a slower pace)?

A. Each daily task is different. Some are pvp and some are pve, but you’ll have to do a mixture of both. About half of them are based in Reikland Factory, so make sure you queue up on the days that it’s required!

Q. Are the daily tasks for the Heavy Metal event set the same every day, or do we get something new and fresh each time?

A. There are a couple of repeats, but the vast majority of tasks are unique every day.
Some are broad, such as “complete 5 quests” or “complete any 3 stages of any PQ” and some are very specific like “detonate the steam tank ammo in Reikland Factory scenario,” but there are unique ones on most days.

Q. Will the Heavy Metal event introduce an open RVR component, like Witching Night did? I'm looking forward to what sounds like a really cool Reikland Factory scenario, but I'm also hoping that there will also be considerable encouragement for open field combat.

A. Each event is different, and there is at least one daily task that encourages open RvR, but the Heavy Metal event focuses mainly on our unique temporary scenario, Reikland Factory.

Q. Are there more rewards to earn during the event than just the chance to play the new classes? I was thinking of special titles, capes or other vanity items?

A. Yes, during this event you can earn Basic, Advanced, and Elite rewards. The Basic reward is a trophy, the Advanced reward is a cloak, and the Elite is the ability to play the two new Careers early!

Q. Where’d the name Heavy Metal come from? Are we going to get 80s hair-band-themed masks or something?

A. The name is tongue-in-cheek mostly. You see, we believe that Warhammer is the heavy metal of MMOs. It was also a nod to Games Workshop’s painting group called ‘Eavy Metal, and of course, since the new classes are tank classes, the name just seemed to be a perfect fit.

Q. Will the rewards, like the four different masks from the last live event, be obtainable only through these daily tasks or will we need to rely on the very low odds of getting a gold loot bag for example to get that final item?

A. The rewards for this event are obtained 100% through influence from doing daily tasks. Once your influence bar is full, visit your Event Herald in the cities. The final reward is the Heavy Metal Chest. Open the chest to unlock the Careers.

Q. When the Event Heralds return for this event, will I be able to turn in influence from the last?

A. The Event Heralds are different NPCs each time, and therefore will not offer the rewards for previous events.

Q. With the new Careers, will we also get a new character slot?

A. We don’t have plans to add another character slot for the new classes.

Q. Will I be able to play the new careers immediately after receiving the elite reward?

A. Not immediately after. The new careers will be available one week before everyone else, for those who succeed in unlocking them. Make sure you watch the Herald for the exact date!

Q. If the sole component--or at least key component--of the Live Event is going to be the scenario, and anyone from ranks 1-40 can join the scenario, how will the scenario be balanced so that the side with the most 40s practically autowins? Mass Bolster up to 40?

A. Event Scenarios are bracketed differently than regular Scenarios because all players can access it at any level. Players will still be matched up against other players within their relative levels (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40) and bolstering will still take effect in those brackets accordingly.

Q. Quoted from the KoTBS page: As with all heavily armored fighters the Knight of the Blazing sun is slower at closing the distance with ranged attackers and can be very vulnerable to ranged magic or missile fire. Does this mean that KOTBS is more vulnerable in these areas than other careers are?

A. No, not at all. The Knight is just as capable as any other career of his archetype -
it's that none of the Tank archetype careers are as mobile as the more lightly-armored melee attackers. The best way for enemies to take down the Knights (and all of his other heavily-armored brethren) is from a distance, where their lack of significant long-range attacks puts them at the greatest disadvantage. Naturally, however, Knights are sturdy defenders, and when they weather your assault and close the distance, then the tables will turn!

Q. There will be many people who will be unable to be online every day due to RL circumstances, but will be capable of making up for lost time on other days. Will these people be able to earn enough influence in the event to get the elite reward?

A. The first half of the event will require you to log in every day to complete a daily task. Since the second half of the event will be taking place during the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, we have decided that your Tome will list the remaining tasks available at that time. This means that you could then choose to do several tasks from the second half of the event in one day. Just remember, you must do all of the daily tasks in order to receive the elite reward, and during the first half of the event, these tasks will be switched out once a day around midday EST!

You can set your backpack to sort items according to item type. On the right side of your backpack interface, click the arrow and select the type of items you’d like in that pack. You can click the checkbox next any number of selections to have items sort directly into that bag. Choose between Weapons, Armor, Potions, Crafting (Cultivating, Apothecary, Talisman Making, Salvaging), Misc (Accessory, Dye, Talisman, Trophy), Usability (Currently Usable, Will be Usable, Never usable), and Rarity (Utility, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Mythic).

We hope that you enjoy the Heavy Metal event as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you! See you on the battlefield!

Grab Bag Number 5 - Heavy Metal Hmtrophies

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