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1Guild Roster Empty Guild Roster on Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:28 pm

Here is the guild roster, direct link off the site so as to avoid all the extra tosh:

Known bugs statement from GOA:

"There are still some bugs yet to be resolved. Here’s a list of known issues:
The paperdoll of your character may not be correctly displayed for high ranks.
The sorting for the search results is not fully operational and may omit the parameters that were entered for the research.
There is a problem with experience calculation for the Guild. The Rank Benchmark should be multiplied by 10 to get its actual value and thus, the progress percentage should be divided by 10.
Some careers cannot be searched properly at the moment. Try to search a character by its name.
You may encounter localization problems if your navigator is not set to the same language as the current WAR website language.
It is currently neither possible to search for characters with special characters in their name nor to display them in the results.
As not all the results of a research can be displayed, we advise you to narrow you search with extra parameters or letters in the name field in order to find a character when you cannot find it.

Some of these bugs are specific to the European Realm WAR pages and others are general bugs shared with Mythic. We're working together to resolve these issues as soon as possible."

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2Guild Roster Empty Re: Guild Roster on Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:30 am

According to this we currently have:

5 x Archmages (3 are Mains)
5 x Bright Wizards (3 are Mains)
3 x Engineers (1 is a main)
4 x Ironbreakers (2 are mains)
1 x Runepriest (is a main)
4 x Shadow Warrior (0 are mains)
7 x Sword Masters (6 are mains)
6 x Warrior Priests (4 are mains)
1 x Witch Lion (is a main)
6 x Witch Hunters (3 are mains)

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