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Patch 1.05 - Career changes moved to 1.06

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1 Patch 1.05 - Career changes moved to 1.06 on Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:33 am


Game Update 1.0.5 arrives Tuesday, 11/18 and with it comes a number of great an exciting changes.

Prepare for the coming of the Blackguard and Knight of The Blazing Sun! These two tank careers square off and provide players with even more means to crush and conquer their enemies and defend their homelands!

All North American Servers will be brought down at 6:30AM EST to begin the update. Oceanic Servers will follow at 9AM EST. We anticipate all servers to be back online by 1:00PM EST.

Below you will find the current notes for 1.0.5. A lot of things have changed so be sure to read Mark Jacob's update on 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 and the career changes we have coming up. Enjoy!

* With 1.0.5 comes The Heavy Metal event! Fight and adventure for your chance to play the Knight of The Blazing Sun and The Blackguard before anyone else!

* Character collision in RvR has been improved. Players should no longer move sporadically when being blocked by another player.

* Players who go AFK while in Public Quest areas or during keep sieges will no longer receive contribution credit toward those encounters.

* There were some instances in which the reticule for ground-target-area-effect abilities was allowing these spells to be cast in areas which were not originally intended. This has been adjusted.

* Several issues have been addressed that previously allowed players to get to locations they were not supposed to be able to reach.

* Players will no longer appear mounted when they are not.

* Fixed several issues that caused the User Interface to display improper Zone Control information. Objectives and Keep icons as well as the Zone Control bar will now properly display the status of contested zones in Tier 4.

* Tier 4 Zones: Based on player feedback, we have reduced the number of Scenario Victory Points required for Zone Control. Also, Battlefield Objectives and Keeps are now worth more Victory Points, and capturing a T4 zone can be accomplished more quickly than before.

* The Realm WAR offers many new features to help you stay in the game even when you can't login! Check out the changes for yourself and visit

* Fixed Leaderboard Weekly calculations to correctly represent the current leaders. Weekly Leaderboards are calculated every Monday at 5:00 AM EST.

* Changed Realm War section of the web site to reflect new navigation options.

* Added Realm War selection page with server status and direct links to RvR Racial Pairing pages of each server.

* Racial Pairing pages display current status and level of each city, status of the Tier 4 campaign, and victory point sliders for each zone.

* Added maps of each zone focusing on RvR lakes with the status of each objective and keep, as well as Guild keep ownership, and when the keep was last taken.

* Provided a Campaign status pop-up so players can keep a discrete tab on the progress of the war on their server.

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2 Re: Patch 1.05 - Career changes moved to 1.06 on Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:36 am

Obviously the last bit is more to do with the US.

Few gripes with this, the linked blog from Mark Jacobs doesnt say anything about fixing the tinkerer or sharpshooter line of the Engineer, seems Ironbreaker and Healer whines are more well heard despite their general survivability on the field as is.

Also, people on the Public Test server get to try out the KotBS first, bloody American centric game.

And no news for when this hits European servers, how can America get updates on this first when we are ahead of them in time zones?

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3 Re: Patch 1.05 - Career changes moved to 1.06 on Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:48 am

I am one of those that feel that the critique aimed at GOA is most often out of proportions. They got the servers up and running, mostly without any considerable problems. (Thinking about the AoC lag spikes) I am however appauled by the approach they have now to the 1.05 patch. There has been no news on the war-europe page about anything at all concerning the 1.05 patch and even now, after the WHA has announced that the 1.05 patch is being applied with times set for completion and so forth has GOA updated thier page. Not even an estimate as of when they are planning on applying the patch. Granted , they can apply it before they get it from Mythic of course, but surely there must be some kind of cooperation between the two companies and communication.

I really dont want to believe that Mythic just went : "Patch time! Apply the patch! Oh yes...and send it over to GOA when you feel like it"

Surely they must have send the patchinfo and all the relevant data over to GOA so that we here in EU can get into the Heavy Metal event today as well, and take part of the 1.05 patch also?


I still have a little faith, but its quickly diminishing.

This has nothing to do with my generel feel for the game, I still enjoy it alot, but I do not like being treated as a second rate customer just because I happen to play on EU servers. Evil or Very Mad

Just found this as well, I had to SEARCH the bloody WHA Forums for this kind of information...

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EU updates generally occur within 24 hours of North American updates. This allows us to ensure that any issues we might encounter during North American deployment are not repeated during other international operations. In addition it allows for adequate time to translate any notes and information that may need to be shared concerning the update.

Thanks all

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Good day!
There's still a few hours to go before Mythic start the patch process and if all goes well we'll implement 1.0.5 in Europe tomorrow morning. When we know for sure, we'll announce this on war-europe, probably this afternoon or early evening CET.

Looks like Heavy Metal begins 19/11 in Europe. Im glad they are assuming that EVERYONE goes to the WHA forums to find this out rather then to just put it on there damn webpage!

What a bunch of tossers...

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4 Re: Patch 1.05 - Career changes moved to 1.06 on Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:53 am

Are you serious man?

What a bunch of hairy bollocks.

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5 Re: Patch 1.05 - Career changes moved to 1.06 on Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:30 am

Patch is being applied today.

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