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Comprehensive Swedish dictionary

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1Comprehensive Swedish dictionary Empty Comprehensive Swedish dictionary on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:35 am

Yesterday another alliance joined the Secret Alliance (Our alliance that is). The new guild in the alliance is called Espiritus Sanctus and when I spoke to the guildleader it turned out that the whole guild was swedish! Around 20 players or so. Due to this, there were some request (in the ventrilo this evening) for some helpfull swedish words and/or sentances. So I thought I´d wip one up for you.

Here are some easy and helpfull first sentances to start out with. swedish sentance in blue with the english translation in red:

Jag hatar Paul Barnett = I hate Paul Barnett
Paul Barnett är en tönt = Paul Barnett is a tosser
Paul Barnett älskar Häxalver = Paul Barnett loves Witchelves
Jag skyller på Paul Barnett för X = I blame Paul Barnett for X
(Where X is could be anything you would blame Paul Barnett for, below are some examples)
Att jag dog = My death
Att min class är dålig = Making my class suck
Att Destruction får så mycket kärlek = Giving Destruction all the love
Ingenjören är så nerfad och dålig = Making the engineer so nerfed and broken

The ä or Ä should be pronounced as AE and the å or Å should be pronounced as a long OH or OOO.

So there you go, a short and very comprehensive little Swedish dictonary for you all! If you like to I could expand it! Just let me know!


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