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Policy regarding guildmembers and alts

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1Policy regarding guildmembers and alts Empty Policy regarding guildmembers and alts on Tue Nov 25, 2008 3:10 am

Today I logged in and cleaned up the guildroster a bit. I removed the members based on the following:

1. I had knowledge of them leaving WAR for another game or reason.
2. I removed them for not having logged in for a month (based on the date in the guildroster)

I know that the last of these two can be quite hazardous and perhaps sting in some peoples eyes. But bear in mind that I had recieved no information at all regarding why these people had not logged in for a month. I dont mind having members that are not logged in for more then a month if I the members have informed either me or an officer that they are going to take a break or whatnot. I have recieved information of this kind from Adealia, Fusil and Flis as an example. Either here on the forum, in the ventrilo or in game via mail or guildchat so there are many ways to inform of this.

I do not bear a grudge towards the people that are not active in the guild nor do I enforce some kind of "Log-in-or-die!" policy but since our guild brief states that we want the guild to grow into a guild where everyone "knows" everyone else to an extent, having inactive players just means that we will have alot of names in the guild that you can basically put a ? behind. This is not really in line with the guildpolicy and it is only confusing to have alot of names in the guildroster at the end of it all. Due to this:

I will remove a player that has not logged in within a month and has not stated why they havent.

The members that I have kicked now are more then welcome to join at a later date should they return.

Please feel free to comment on my decision or inform me if I kicked someones alt without knowing so...


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