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Talisman Crafting.

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1Talisman Crafting. Empty Talisman Crafting. on Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:54 am

Talisman Crafting is one of the two _crafting_ skills. It uses basically 4 items collectable and 1 vendor.

Vendor item is the base case - strange enough you can't sit at bank and grind this at Altdorf as none of the vendors are selling this. I usually end up porting out to buy it from vendors at else places.

First and main item needed to craft a talisman are called Fragments. These fragments are only attainable via gathering skill Magical Salvage. It also determines what is the basic stat or resistance the talisman is going to boost.

Second and third items are Gold and Curios. These 2 items are only attainable via gathering skill Scavanging.

Last item needed is Essences. This is only attainable via Magical Salvage again.

The talismans have 2 values. First one is the basic value of the boost it is supplying and the second one is the length of this boost as talismans are consumable they arent kept forever.


I myself have Scavanging on the main character so the salvaging part is a bit meh. I got a level 3 character sitting in Altdorf and salvaging. Her skill is around 95'ish. Atm I am finding this is a bit hard way. So I am recommending magical salvage than scavanging to whomever going to go this way. For 2 reasons ; there are always more scavanged materials to be found on AH and cheaper than the Salvaged ones. Also the biggest factor here is (like i am doing currently), you will be only salvaging BoE items. Belts, jeweleries and some other odd items are not salvagable. Using an alt means you are missing chances on salvaging the items you wore and then upgrade. So my theory at the begining when i swapped from salvaging to scavanging really goes out of the window based on our server's current Salvager:Scavanger and items on AH.

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