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1Scenarios Empty Scenarios on Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:40 am

Seriously man, they're really starting to get on my tits. Not only are they frequently unbalanced 98% of the time, which makes it un-fun if you are losing or winning, but you always end up having to do the same bloody scenario every time because someones auto shuffle dont work.

What can Mythic do to sort this trash, or is this it for scenarios?

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2Scenarios Empty Re: Scenarios on Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:30 am

I gave that some thought as well. Here are my conclusions, based on a discussion I had with Sagrenor as well on VT.

The first thing thats comes in mind when I hear scenarios in WAR is fast-paced instanced deathmatch, sometimes tied to objectives which is on paper a good and fun way to play and get something done if you dont have much time or dont feel like PvEing.


It does not resemble this in reality. I havent played alot of scenarios but I have played enough to notice some fundamental flaws in the scenario system. These are not general flaws, but flaws that I can see makes the scenario system not worth while in my gametime.

First of all
They dont reward me in a way that I feel satisfactory. The only reason I see people doing scenarios now is to gain quick renown and quick experience.

They are lacking some kind of balancing system that prohibits a map to start with 10 healers and 2 tanks. It is nigh impossible to do anything against a team consisting of 10 healers chainhealing. It like going up agaist a brickwall with a pencilknife. Same thing goes for almost any other class that is represented in 8 or 10s in the scenario. Going up against 10 range dps is like running headfirst into a maching gun nest naked and armed with an icecream. I think you get my drift here.
Furthermore, this leads to less cooperation in scenarios in my opinion. I can illustrate what I mean with the following scenario:

Say that scenarios had a machanic that prohibited more then 4 healers to join a scenarios. This would mean that every player that went in to the scenario know that there are 4 healer on my side that needs protecting and 4 healers on the enemy side that needs to be killed.

Just this little change would mean that people would have to think and work together more. It would give players sense of purpose and a general tactical direction rather then just feel that you either get steamrolled and farmed or you steamroll and farm.

Scenarios are damn anonymous. The only thing you see in the end is what you as a single player acomplished. You see how much dmg you did, how much healing you did, you see how many killing blows you did. But thats about it! It has no relation to anything at all!

This does not go well in line, in my opinion, with a game that is groupbased. Rather they should some kind of end scoreboard that showed first of all groups.

How much did your group contribute to the win.
How much healing did your group do.
How many players did your group kill.
Which players did your group kill, which did your group kill the most.
etc etc. More examples could be added and then you could of course have the option to check your individual stats as well.

Im taking this example from BF2142 which had a brilliant scoreboard with tabs showing this kind of information.

What this can do, is that you can as a group gain reputation. Say that you can name your group "Sigmarian Vanguard". Vioila, all of a sudden the term Premade gains a positive meaning rather then a bad. Players on the opposite team can go "Wow, I heard of them, they are quite good, we need to be carefull here" and players on our team can go "Wow, Sigmarian Vanguard has a group here!"

Maps that are played now are the maps that are small and easy to kill and farm in. IE Tier 1 Nordenwatch, Tier 2 Mourkain Temple, Tier 3 Tor Anroc and Tier 4 Serpents passage.

There are larger maps but since the scenarios only accepts 12vs12 players so far these feel very very deserted. These maps are brillian maps to implement the above mentioned thougts. Large maps 24vs24 organised in groups with names. With restrictions put in as to how many careers can be in the scenario etc. Set the time for 30 min and get rolling.

"Sigmarian Vanguard will go for the X BO"
"OK SV, Malleus Mallificarium will go for the Y BO"
"MM Group being targeted by Destro groups at Z BO! Need assistance!"
etc etc.

With the restrictions in place, this would end up as groups that are relatively evenly matched. It would, to a further extent, be more equal then just go in with 24 WEs and WTFPWN everything. It encourages diversity, cooperation, tactics etc.


It gives you a reason to play scenarios, just for the bloody fucking fun experience of playing with your mates and feeling that you and your mates are fullfilling a role as a unit on a large battlefield.

These are just some general thought I have about scenarios. They are to be thougt as a sharp contrast to how I feel scenarios are now:

Boring, mindless, anonymous, non-rewarding grindfests.

Im writing this in a break in my studies. Im sure that I missed and suggested things that might lead to more problems then they solve perhaps. But thats what discussions are good for!

Lets get one started!

Oh yes...


I dont care!



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3Scenarios Empty Re: Scenarios on Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:09 am

Obviously I wont be happy until they bring out a stat that says number of times you saved a healers butt with your CC.

However I believe my role in the game is being overshadowed by the fact everyone can CC, or has CC counters. Engis/Magus for major CCs only please, give everyone else damage and minor CC.

But seriously, why do I have to keep playing the same four scenarios (thats one different scenario for each tier), and why are the balances so ludicrous, that only 2% of the scenarios Ive been in are enjoyable.

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4Scenarios Empty Re: Scenarios on Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:20 am

Bolts wrote:But seriously, why do I have to keep playing the same four scenarios (thats one different scenario for each tier), and why are the balances so ludicrous, that only 2% of the scenarios Ive been in are enjoyable.

You know, I distinctively remembered a quote from Jeff Hickman stating that the nature of Scenarios are that sometimes you steamroll and sometimes you get steamrolled. Its just the way things are. In my mind, this is one of the worst ad hoc statements I have yet to hear and coming from one of the lead guys in Mythic...well, I just hope they decide to do something about the scenarios because it is as you put it Bolts:

Why are they only enjoyable like 2% of the times


Why am I paying to have fun 2% of the time in a game that is supposed to be entertaining?

I enjoy all other aspects though! Not leaving although the above sentance could give that indication Cool

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