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warrior priest tactics and stats

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1warrior priest tactics and stats Empty warrior priest tactics and stats on Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:02 am

Hi all,

I am playing a bot with a warrior priest alt to explore the class a bit and was wondering what stats and tactics you would recommend for this class.

The idea I am looking for is close combat with high damage but not to die fast like the WH/BW or other healers.

Thanks in advanced...

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2warrior priest tactics and stats Empty Re: warrior priest tactics and stats on Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:50 am

Hey Sicagen! Or Gigunnar as it is now I guess Smile

Some small thoughts from a rank 40 WP:

I tried most speccs really with Ulricus, this is mostly because I had a hard time figuring out how to play a WP and how I wanted to play the WP. This has alot to do with the nature of the WP. Its a hybrid class and as such can fill a myriad of roles. I have heard anything from the WP being a good all around healer to WPs cannot heal for sheit. WPs being tanks to WPs being MDPS.

Listed below are the different speccs and roles I tried out for myself and found funny and challenging to play. I am currently Grace/Salvation specced with Ulricus and I will discuss that specc at the bottom.

The 1on1 dualist DPS WP.

I had this build from around rank 22ish to 26ish. Its great for solo-pve and 1on1 duals in RvR. Basically what you do is go up the Wrath tree until you reach "Hammer of Sigmar" speccing "Fanatism", "Divine Fury", "Hastened Divinity" and "Guilty soul". Stacking STR, toughness and wounds.

Fanatism gives you a 15% Crit chance, Hastened divinity gives you a 50% increase on autoattack speed. With this specc you proc Hastened divinity -alot- and you crit enough times to put the "Guilty Soul" proc on your target constantly. Coupled with medium robe armor your hit-to-heal skills and hots you are pretty good in RvR if you only focus heals on yourself. This build is great for taking out clothhealers. Just use "Absence of Faith" on them and hit away. They go down rather quick.

The group-assisting heal WP.

This build is one I sticked around with along time. From about rank 30ish to 38ish. It revolves around the salvation tree. Tactics to use are: "Charged Fury", "Discipline", "Divine Ward", and one random choice. "Divine ward" can be changed as well. Stacking Willpower, toughness and wounds.

With this build, healing and supporting your group is rather easy. Just spam "Divine Shield", "Pious Restoration". Tossing around "Divine Aid" and "Healing Hand" where this is needed. If you decided to run in and assist in the thick of the fight use "Smite" to build Rightheous Fury fast and spam "Touch of the divine". You will notice that you become rather effective at keeping alot of your allies alive with as little effort from your part as possible.

The group-assisting heal WP 2.

This is the build I have now. Its based around Grace and Salvation. With this build you stack wounds and strenght mainly. Tactics to use are : "Greave of sigmar", "Grace of sigmar", "Divine fury". Depending on situation the last tactic should be:

Solo-pve : "Sigmars Favour"
Group-pve : "Discipline"
RvR : "Leading the prayer"

With this build its harder to heal and keep your group up but it is -alot- more fun to work with. What you do is run in with no defensive target. Use "Sigmars fist" to buff your str and toughness with 120 -then- chose your defensive target. This takes alot of work and clicking around but its rewarding. With Ulricus now I heal for around 300ish with each Divine Strike. Using "Divine assault" I heal for around 900ish per strike depending on what I hit. Using Sorcs or other cloth targets as your "Hit to heal" targets grants you more healing to your defensive target due to you doing more dmg to them.

With a tight group you can use "Sigmars radiance" as well, and "Touch of the divine" to keep your group up. Also, the last points you have should be put in Salvation and buy the skills "Divine Shield". This also helps you alot.

This last build is the funniest in my opinion since it puts the WP where it should be. Frontline, bashing stuff with the big warhammer and healing. Trouble with it is that you get targeted alot and focused fired down rather quick. Therefore its good to have an AM or RP healing you while you focus on healing the assault group. This doesnt happen alot in SCs or ORvR due to the chaotic nature of it, but it has happened on occasion in SCs and this is where this build really shines.

Hope this helps a little with your WP Sicagen! Im sure Segismundo also has some good input as well. If there are any more questions about the WP feel free to ask!


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3warrior priest tactics and stats Empty Re: warrior priest tactics and stats on Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:24 pm

nothing to add here...ulricus' argues are also mine.

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