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Dungeons, gears and wards.

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1Dungeons, gears and wards. Empty Dungeons, gears and wards. on Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:04 pm

Well as we found out this evening, one just doesnt run into the Warpblade tunnels unprepared.

The dungeons and encounter system in WAR is basically based around wards. These wards come in four variations :

Lesser Ward, Greater Ward, Superior Ward, Excelsior Ward and Supreme Ward.

These wards are granted by wearing armor set consisting of five pieces. There is one RvR set and one PvE set for each wardlevel. You can wear any combination of the 5 to be granted the full ward. But wearing the 5 items from the same set ie. for example Bloodlord or Anihilator, will also grant you the full set bonus.

Furthermore, wearing set items of higher wardtype also grants the wardtype "below" it in rank. Thus wearing armor pieces granting you the lesser ward only just grants you this since there are no lower wards. Wearing armor pieces that grants you the greater ward however also grants you the lesser ward since this one is "below" the greater ward and so forth.

The purpose of wards
The purpose of wards is to grant the user and damage reduction "buff" that is only usuable in PvE dungeons. Each piece from the set item being used grants you a 10% damage reduction up to a full 50% damage reduction.

Lesser Wards
The lesser ward items consists of The Bloodlord Armor set and The Anihilator Armor set. Bloodlord drops in Bastion Stair. And Anihilator in tier 4 RvR keeps and looted from dead players.

The lesser ward is needed to tackle the Altdorf city rank 5 dungeons. These are:

Skaven Tunnels & Warpblade Tunnels
Sigmars Crypts

Greater Wards
The greater ward is granted by wearing pieces from The Sentinel Armor set or the Conquerer Armor set. As with the Bloodlord items the Sentinel set items drops in a PvE dungeon this being the above mentioned. The Conquerer set drops in RvR fortresses and can also be bought from the Renown Merchants in Altdorf. They all require a high Renown rank to wear though.

The Greater Ward is needed to tackle the following:

Lost Vale dungeon and the PQs that unlock if one realm sieges the enemy city.

Superior Ward
The superior ward is granted by wearing pieces from the Dark Promise Armor set or the Invader Armor set. As with Bloodlord and Sentinel set items, the Dark Promis set items drop in PvE dungeon this being only Lost Vale. The Invader armor set items drop from the City invasion PQs.

The Superior Ward is needed to tackle the following:

Sub-Boss PQs in a contested city.

Excelsior Ward
This ward is granted by wearing the Warlord Armor set. This armor set only drops from the Sub PQ bosses in contested citys. The difference with this armor set is that there is no PvE set that grants this ward. You need at least a renown rank of 60 to wear on piece and renown rank 70 to wear all pieces.

The Excelsion Ward is neede to tackle the following:

King encounters in a contested city.

Supreme Ward
This ward is granted by wearing items from the Sovreign Armor set. This armor set only drops from the kingencounter.

So there you have it. Quite a deep system if you as me.


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