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Fallout 3....

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1Fallout 3.... Empty Fallout 3.... on Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:15 am

Fallout 3.... Fallout_3_cover_art

What I can I say, the games terrific, I've been playing it for well over a week now and still feel I've only just scratched the surface.

It's basically Oblivion with guns, but if Oblivion was ten times more awesome.

Only a few bad things about it that I can say, there are a few sound bugs in the game that cause repetitive looping of a certain sound, and the AI isn't top notch particularly companion AI, whom have a tendency to get stuck in walls, or disappear and get themselves killed.

I definitely recommend it.

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2Fallout 3.... Empty Re: Fallout 3.... on Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:41 am

Played this game up to lvl 16 with a char now. I like it as well, but I find myself lacking in motivation sometimes when I play it. It really never catches me totally. In Oblivion I had a blast just exploring the lands, the caves and the ancient ruins. In Fallout 3 I just dont feel like doing it since, well, 8/10 times I come out of the sewer/metro/abandoned factory with less -ammo- that I went in with. And ammo is a big deal in Fallout 3, it was never such a big deal in Oblivion since, well, you had a sword. It gets better later on though with ammo being a little easier to find.

Other things that bug me it the sometimes inconsistant dialouge. I play a female char and have on several occasion been adressed as "Guy" or "Him". The NPCs give me the feeling of, despite Bethestas best efforts, being Zombies. Mostly because they respond in such a scripted fashion. Just moving your targeting reticle over a locked box yields the dialouge: "I see you eyeing that, are we gonna have a problem" or "Yes that is locked, and yes I can see you eyeing it". Diversity in items is also wierd. I still run around with the same assault rifle I found at lower lvls.

The gore is hilarious from time to time. I shout someone in the head with a 10mm round, it flies off...ok cool. I shot the same type of mob in the head with a combat shotgun, it flies of...oook. 100 times later its still the same thing. It should be called Falloff in reference to the heads.

This being said though and its always easy to find the negative aspects, it really in my opinion catches the Fallout feeling. Not the gameplay feeling, since its a totally different game. But the Fallout feeling, the world, the alternate future, all the items from the pipboy to the cars, weapons, foodstuffs etc etc. Its all there in a new suite and it looks great and feels spot on. Its probably this that keeps me playing it. To stand in the wasteland, with Three-Dog on the radio. Hearing both his preaches of "The good fight" while the ashes blow in the wind. I still unhook the Hunting Rifle and go explore. For an hour or so...that is.

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