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Useful Information about the game and client

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1Useful Information about the game and client Empty Useful Information about the game and client on Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:13 am

This compilation of information is wonderful, either follow the link to the OP item on warhammeralliance, or read on - I'll try to update it but to be 100% sure it'll always be best to head to the original post by "Ciment".


"6 weeks of WAR and I only just found out..." compilation!
This is a a compilation of all the great tips found in the "6 weeks of WAR and I only just found out..." thread from this forum. I have tried to regroup the tips the best I can in order to facilitate your reading. Make sure to submit your own if they do not show up in the list.

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this amazing list!



* The Options window has a scroll bar on it. (Options regarding health bars, names and some other things like auto-looting can be found further down)
* There's a click-through self option in the options menu
* Typing /help in the chat box will give you a dump of all the slash commands


* You can have your gear dyed in 2 colors. At the merchant, left click for "main color" and right click for "secondary color".
* You can have a last name for 4g at city registrar.
* You can use pocket items by dragging them to your spellbar.
* When equipping trophies, you have to click on the trophy in your profile window, then select the left or right arrows to determine it's location on your body.
* 777 tome unlocks (not including titles,and some persons I don't think) gets you a book trophy
* "/emotelist" brings up an Emote list!
* Using "Apply color scheme to all item" when dying your item will calculate the price based on EVERY items you own except trophies, standard and pocket items. This generally leads to a much higher price since even non dyable items are included.
* You can see Tome of Knowledge's rewards you have gained under the "Rewards" tab. Once you have unlocked a reward in your tome, you can buy it from special merchants in your capital city's library.
* Spinning your character on the select screen fast enough makes him/her dizzy!
* You can dye your cloak too
* You can hide helmets and capes by opening your character sheet and remove the tick on your helm/cape icon. This will hide the helm/cape BUT:
o only for you. Everybody else in the world still sees them.
o It gets reset everytime you change zone.


* Any quest that requires you to kill something count kills in a group.
* You gain one extra inventory bag every 10 rank
* The number of tactic slots you have goes up as you rank up. At rank 40, you will have 4 tactics, 2 renown, and 1 Tome of Knowledge tactic.
* You have to spend an extra mastery point to get a skill/tactic once you have reached it with your mastery level.
* If a gold spammer sends you a tell, immediately type "/report" or "/rg". It will fill out their name and what the sent to you and mark the report that they are a gold spammer. Then you only have to click 'send' in the window that pops up.
* Morale is hotkeyed: Rank 1 to 4 are respectively mapped from F9 to F12
* If you use flee then immediately mount up you can get up to 6-7 secs of 80% mount speed since they stack. (Good for Stone troll or Mourkain.)
* The command "/lockout" will show the timers of recently visited instances, and how long time in minutes until you can redo it.
* CTRL+TAB cycles through friendly targets, extremey useful for healers.
* Instead of typing "/who" you can just type "/"
* Broken items turn into something that the repairer can use. So a broken weapon might turn into a dagger for a Zealot, but turn into an axe for a Chosen. So don't get angry when someone else rolls "Need" for them, everyone can get use out of them.
* Many times you need to right click on an item in your quest inventory to complete a stage of a quest.
* If you hold down left control while panning (using the right mouse button) it wont setback after you let the right mouse button go
* You can drag quest items, potions, etc to your action bar so you don't have to keep opening your backpack.
* When you are selecting players with your mouse the selection happens not when you press the button, but when you release it.
* Pressing "NumLock" toggles auto-run
* There are several arrows pointing outwards from your reticle (circle around your feet)
o white/yellow - selected friendly target (indicates RVR status also)
o teal - untargetted party members
o red - selected hostile (flagged/attackable)
o orange - selected hostile (unflagged/not attackable)
* Numbers on spell icons turn red when you don't have Line of Sight or the spell is not in range of yourcurrently selected target.
* "Disrupt" is actually your chance to resist spells and has zero to do with disrupting someone else's spells.
* You can mount in combat... freezing mobs/players, mounting and getting away is a lot faster and safer than running


* Healing/Buffing an RvR flagged player will flag you for RvR. This also goes for standard buffs.
* When you take a Battlefield Objective (BO), if you wait around for 3 minutes you get extra renown (or if you run to the objective after its taken, you have 3 minutes to get there for some free renown.)
* There are renown trainers and renown merchants in Keeps.
* Once a Battlefield Objective (BO) is captured, talking to the Hero NPC will grant you a buff.
* You can mouse over various Battlefield Objectives (BO) on the map to see what kind of buff you can get at them. (As you mouse over it, you will see in yellow "Name of the BO: Type of buff"
* Type "/pvp" and do not engage an RvR opponent for 10mins to remove your RvR status. Taking a flight path will also remove it.
* Dying in an RvR lake will raise you back at the warcamp
* Every keeps have a postern door usable by the faction controlling the keep. This allow you to enter the keep without having to slip through the attacking force at the front door!
* MDPS classes get a "Picklock" (WE, WH) or "Bypass Defense" (WL, Marauder) ability that allows them to enter from the postern door even when the keep is not under their faction control.


* By clicking the little check boxes next to a party name in the big scenario party listing window gives you that party's health bars.
* If you've already closed the party listing after joining a scenario, you can get it back by clicking the flag icon on the left of the minimap.
* Mourkain Temple: When the artifact is dropped, it lies on the ground. It's a red crystal gem thingy and very small. Click on it to pick it up.
* Clicking on the "Join Scenario Icon" or the "~" key while in a scenario will bring up the scenario score board
* You can exit a scenario instance by running towards the WAR logo-shaped transparent wall near the spawn area.
* In a scenario its best to wait until after you get the bolster buff to cast any of your buffs. The bolster will increase the effectiveness of your buff up to lvl 18, 28, etc.


* Mousing over the PQ "Stage I,II,III" text will tell you Exactly what you are supposed to do.
* In the "WAR Story" section of your Tome of Knowledge, you can click on a chapter you have unlocked to see the associated rewards.
* To "unlock" a chapter, visit the camp associated to it (the one with the corresponding rally master)
* There are bonuses for completing a PQ stage (XP and Influence) for everyone currently in the PQ area
* You can click on the chest at the end of a successful PQ from ANY distance as long as you have line of sight.
* This is one for Empire Chapter 2 players, on The Norse Are Coming PQ, you get torches from the bonfire by the cannons to set the boats alight. So many people don't get this, even when I explain it.
* If you click on your influence bar, it puts you into the ToK and from there you can rest your mouse over the Influence bar (in the ToK) to find out your current influence and how much influence you need to get the Basic, Advanced, and Elite.
* When you enter a PQ zone, the color of the PQ name on the UI indicates it's difficulty: Green/Yellow/Red (from easiest to hardest)


* When you open your bags there is a little tab over on the right side of each bag. If you click it you can set priorities for that bag (such as add butchering items to this bag or add weapons to this bag). After that, when you loot something, it will send it to the appropriate bag.
* You can split stacks of items by holding SHIFT then left-clicking them.
* If you open up the map, down at the bottom you can check the map of all other zones and all other tiers in all other stories.
* You can right click on the tab of a chat box (must click on the tab, not in the main chat) to get the options to change colors/fonts/filters.
* "/reloadui" reloads the user interface, good command if you get scenario screen stuck in your face and can't close it.
* You can drag any chat tab to another part of the screen (so you could see chat and combat at the same time for example)
* Shift + Left Click on a vendor item allows you to buy multiple items at once.
* You can drag your crafting skills to your bars
* You can adjust the size of all the objects in your GUI, so you can reduce the size of all the noise to much smaller images.
* Press "Shift+Z" to hide/show your GUI . You can then use your "PrintScreen" key to make wonderful screenshots that will be saved to the "/screenshots" folder in your warhammer install folder.
* There's a little arrow at the top of your quest list on the right hand side of the screen that toggles your active quests to show or hide.
* There's a 3rd tab for Quest items and some quests need you to just right-click the item to finish it
* The little green and yellow"arrow up" icons near your portrait indicate you have renown points/training available respectively.
* If you have your Map open, you can use the mousewheel to zoom out to the Campaign Map, then again to zoom out to the Pairings Map. From here you can check the progress of the entire server.


* The little blue "clock" that appear on the left of group members health/action bars on your UI is the morale indicator. It is divided in 4 quarters and fills up one quarter at a time as players gain morale. If the player doesn't have any morale you will obviously not see anything.
* You can join an "Open" party/Warband by typing "/join <NameOfPlayerInParty>" (it does not need to be the leader)
* You can give details about your open party's purpose with "/partynote <note>". The text shows in the hover popup in the open party listing.
* Helpful commands: "/partyguildonly", "/partyallianceonly", "/warbandguildonly", "/warbandallianceonly"
* You can invite other players even if you are not the party/warband leader or assist. It will refer the invited player to the party/warband leader and he will then be able to decide wether he accepts to invite or not the player.
* If you don't want to create open parties by default, open your social window ("O" or click on the three faces in your chat window) and choose Options --> Private Party.
* The figures of "people" icon on the lower left of your character portrait pops up a screen that lists all the groups near you, what they are doing (PvE, PQ, RvR) and how far away they are.
* "/warbandpromote <Name>" will raise a wb member to be a wb assistant, even though it doesn't advise you of the success of the command


* If you are a guild leader or member with permissions to promote/demote somebody, but you cannot promote/demote them for some reason by right clicking their name in in the Roster list and selecting promote/demote, use the "/guildpromote <name>" and "/guilddemote <name>" commands instead.
* Dying with a standard in your hands will destroy your standard. You can always buy a new one (beeing flagged or not for RvR and beeing in an RvR or PvE zone doesn't matter)
* Dying with your standard planted in the ground will leave the standard there and you can claim it back if nobody else does.
* You can capture opponents standards if they are planted on the battle field for a nice renown bonus and some kind of inventory drop.
* Standards abilities affect same faction members even if they're not in your group
* Higher level of standard tactics overwrite lower level one so for example, you cannot have "+toughness level 1 and level 2 on a standard, you will only have lvl 2 available"
* There are renown merchant of all tiers and a special merchant (with some crafting material and banners) in your capital city guild hall (Viper`s pit for Destro, Sigmar`s Hammer for Order).
* If the standard bearer dies while the banner is planted, allies can reclaim the banner and it gets mailed to the player who planted it.


* There's an armor set quest in tier 2 for the Tracker set (one different 3 piece set for each class). There is one quest per pairing and they all have 2 parts (Killing players in RvR/Scenarios then killing a hero). Each quest will give you a piece of the set.


* Using the book of binding will teleport you back to your "Binding Point"
* You can change your "Binding Point" by talking to any "Rally Master" and clicking "Set Rally Point"


* Apothecary: You can use the same type of ingredient multiple times (eg: one Water in every slot to boost your success rate)
* Cultivating: Soil, water and nutrient are optional. Putting a seed in and letting it grow on itself will still give you a plant at the end. Using soil, water and nutrient just increase your chance of a critical success.


* The fabled AoE knock back for IB is actually a talent in the Vengence tree.


* You can change your pet name using the command "/petname <pet name>" or "/pet <petname>"
* White Lions Charge + Flee does stack: Use Flee first, then Charge (it doesn't work vice versa) and get a 80% speed increase!


* Marauders Charge + Flee does stack: Use Flee first, then Charge (it doesn't work vice versa) and get a 80% speed increase!


* Certain Runepriest buffs provides you with an additional spell ability for their full duration
* When you receive the buff, you will see a new button above your hotbar. Clicking this button will cast the spell (the default hotkey is Shift+F9 but you can also drag the ability on your own bars).
* Contrary to popular belief, casting the spell will NOT remove the buff, it is simply an added bonus to being buffed.


* Certain Zealot buffs provides you with an additional spell ability for their full duration
* When you receive the buff, you will see a new button above your hotbar. Clicking this button will cast the spell (the default hotkey is Shift+F9 but you can also drag the ability on your own bars).
* Contrary to popular belief, casting the spell will NOT remove the buff, it is simply an added bonus to being buffed.

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* You can change your pet name using the command "/petname <pet name>" or "/pet <petname>". It will reset for every new turret.

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* You can change your pet name using the command "/petname <pet name>" or "/pet <petname>". It will reset for every new turret.

Doesnt work Crying or Very sad

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