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1Lacrima Empty Lacrima on Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:24 am


I am a 30 year old turkish academic. To be more preciese i am a lecturing research assistant also battling with my phd thesis at the same time.

I've been swimming in mmo ocean since 2000 - which started with Ultima Online for 3 years, then hopped to starwars galaxies and then finally world of warcraft for glorious 3,5 years and some.

This is the first time i am actually trying a healer as a main character. I had experimental alts and alts i played as main due to need in wow, but always had been a sword user and a tank.

I am completely WAR ignorant compare to all of you since WAR is something I was not accustomed to until my partner told me he was going to play it. Now i am hooked onto it and he is not playing. For the record, I dont have intentions going to back to world of warcraft I ran off from it. The reason why I am fond of WAR is because it is not like Wow - at least for now. It doesn't require 13+ play hours daily. And thankfully I am not a guildmaster here nor ever want to be (again). It is a 2nd job that has no pay and is very ungreatfull. On that I salute the GM and officers.

This is pretty much game-resume. My personal thing is, I earn my life teaching accounting to young adults whom think accounting is only book keeping. Which is not really. Also as of being an academican, thats one of those jobs thats more of a life style. As a result I end up reading up on a lot of things that are usefull and useless for me. So I may turn out to be a little annoying as I may end up always having something to say.

I'm a very blunt person. I can come across wrongly sometimes. I get as good as i give so thats the only thing i can say about me thats 100% accurate. If i say or do something that offends someone and i seem to be careless about it, 100% and some i am not aware of it. Dont hesitate to tell me my mistake.

I don't want to take another game religiously serious again however it is personal principle of if i am going to do something it wont be halfarsed, so feel free to correct my errors in my gaming too. As a reminder, this is the first time I am playing a non-tank, non-sword wearer, non-plate wearer as a main focus character.

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