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1Curse Network - WARDB Empty Curse Network - WARDB on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:18 am

I wanted to post this one up for all of you that might have missed this webpage. It doesnt cover alot at this point but some of the epic quest lines are covered so you can see what reward you are questin for and judge beforehand if its worth it. Smile Or just do it and get surprised whatever floats your boat!

The best part of this page is located under the "Tools" section with a very comprehensive and helpful Career builder and Renown builder. So you can experiment with different mastery layouts without burning alot gold in the process. The main difference is that this career builder shows the change in the relevant coreskills under the mastery as you increase the mastery lvl. It does not ingame so its a helpfull tool in my opinion! Smile

Anyways, for you that are not familiar with the webpage, here it is:

Then just click you way to the tools-->career builder


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