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Potion & Dye Making.

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1Potion & Dye Making. Empty Potion & Dye Making. on Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:55 am

Apothecary produces 3 major items.
3.Snaring (Bombs) liquids.

I highly recommend cultivating to go with this one. It is bliss together.

1. Potions & 3. Bombs : To make potions you will need vials to start the process. There are 2 types of vials that can be bought from vendors. One is very basic second one you can obtain and use after you get to a higher level of apothecary.

Of course there are rare and uncommon vials that comes from PQ loot bags that you can use as well but again they need higher level apothecary and you can't gather them bulk.

The main ingredients are either herbs or various items you can get from scavanging and I am guessing butchering(please confirm this one though).

These main ingredients again can be stat boosters, resistances, healing , restoration and energy regening ones.

Potions and bombs will use water to stabilize them. Also you can use sub-ingredients as some of the herbs are not main ingrediants to make them more stable and not volataile.

At this point; I also like to mention about the variables in potion making equation. As I mentioned the water (these also look like flasks and not watering cans in game) is needed to make potions stable also some herbs. Also there are 2 other types of herbs that one effect is the length of stat boost or potency of the main value of + boost/heal etc. and other effect is increasing the produced item number (basically it is like proccing in crafting in other games).

2.Dye Making :You will need to buy mortar & pestle for each dye you make as it gets used up. It is basically vial for dye making.

The main colouring ingredient can be obtained as a sub-material from cultivating and butchering(need comfirmation). And the last material is a fixer. Basic fixers are again vendor items can be purchased. But i actually managed to sub-produce fixer with cultivating too. So it would increase the value of the dye and change the shade of the colour I am guessing.

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