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Results from guildmeeting. 30/11-08

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1Results from guildmeeting. 30/11-08 Empty Results from guildmeeting. 30/11-08 on Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:27 am

The guild meeting consisted of The guild leaders and the Officers. On this meeting the following was decided:

Since most of the players are getting up to the levelcap we now feel that we have a solid group of players that can take on the "endgame". To give a general direction and goal for these guildmembers we will add two more days were Bastion Stair will be the target dungeon. These days are Wednesday and Friday. This is one of the "endgame" instances and the one that we will start with.

We, me and the officers, do not want to put a wedge between the rank 40 players and the ones that are not. This is not why we have put up Bastion Stair nights even though we know that everyone cant join those nights yet. But since everyone decides to play how they want, taking their time, enjoying themselfes. And also since some members picked up the game at different times there is bound to be a level dispersion in the guild with "groups" of players that are not the same ranks. The things to do that still present a challenge in the game for these "groups" of players can therefore be very different things. We hope to satisfy both the lower rank members and the higher rank members at this point by this decision.

We will still keep the guildnights on Tuesday and Saturday. The maingoal for these nights are still:

To have guildies available to help every guildmember of any rank to the extent possible. Naturally helping with ORvR could pose a challange, but PQs, Quests, Dungeons etc.

Ulricus and the Officers.

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