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Black Orc

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1Black Orc Empty Black Orc on Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:56 pm

Well, its been a hot topic in the ventrilo and on the guild chat from time to time. I managed to find this today on the WHA Forums. Its made by a guy playing a Blorc named Ralph on Burlok. He dueled some folks from Precept. Check it out!

There are some really interesting things to take note of here. If we assume that all the duels take place between 40vs40 Players. The Black Orc wins them all and only draws between healers. Which isnt that bad as well. He isnt fighting all the classes though. But some points of interest:

Apperantly Ralph is defensivly tanked specced, we dont know specs on the other players.
We dont know stats, gear, and player skills of the players involved.

Even so:

He kills the 2H Sword Master without barely any effort at all
He kills the Sword&Board Swordmaster, ending the fight with full health.
He kills the Witchhunter -even- when the witchhunter gets the drop on him from stealth.
He kills the BW in the end, getting killed in the process.
He´s having a rather amusing fight with the Engineer, but the end result is the same.

The end "scoreboard" basically says it all : Against some classes, its might be expected that a tank comes out on top. But against this many? Against another tank (granted we dont know the mastery for the Swordmasters) the fight is still very uneven.

I dont know, Im not sure this video can be taken as pure evidence that Black Orcs are too good. There are so many factors that one doesnt know. The above mentioned just being a few. Also, he is not fighting any mdps, since well, order doesnt really have a proper one yet (Yes, not counting the broken WL) He might have been defeated by a mdps. Would be interesting to see how the Blorc holds out against an Ironbreaker as well! Smile Its also possible that the Ironbreaker can accomplish the same thing. Not ending with full health though, thats just bollocks in my opinion. Furthermore, I know this isnt supposed to be a game where every career is able to take down someone 1on1. That would just get dull, but the Blorc sure manages to take down alot of careers 1on1.

What do you guys make of it?

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2Black Orc Empty Re: Black Orc on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:11 am

It was toted that Ranged DPS was supposed to be the tank killer.

Video suggests otherwise, unless you are a Bright Wizard.

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3Black Orc Empty Re: Black Orc on Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:48 am

It's hard to pull out of such a low res movie what was going on much of the time, but a few points i thought of:

a) the precept guys dont really look very good. I mean - they dont look to be coping very well with the running round in circles approach to duelling. He literally looks like he's running rings round them. They dont look good, so I'd wonder how he would do against better players.

b) in the swordmaster fights, neither of them look to be taunting him much - they have two at their disposal and they both give large bonuses to the SM. I need to watch again - he certainly looks to be using his morale abilities, not sure if they are. Just wish things were higher res.

c) in t3, I've been beaten once by a borc. As im only an average player at best, i assume i must have been getting heals as i have no inherent way to survive a 1 v 1 in the same way as a borc has.

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4Black Orc Empty Re: Black Orc on Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:47 am

Thats totally valid points Flis. I agree, one doesnt know how much playerskill is involved into this and the video doesnt leave much to discern from it since its so low res. About the circle-strafing thought that the Blorc is going on about. I read alot about this since it was considered a valid tactic in other MMOs. Circle-strafing being mainly a method to get out of the targets cone of fire and getting into positions for positions attacks. I have used it myself with the White Lion mainly for positional strikes and it works. As to getting out of the targets fire-cone. This was widely discussed before launch. Since WAR has a built in autofacing the target mechanic, some argued that circlestrafing was not giving you any edge at all if you werent going up against players that werent keyboard turners. Again, its hard to tell if the Blorcs circlestrafing is giving him an edge.

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5Black Orc Empty Re: Black Orc on Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:08 am

Ulricus wrote:Again, its hard to tell if the Blorcs circlestrafing is giving him an edge.

It might be a low res movie but you can generally see which way people are pointing. Of course, that's on his screen, lag might also be a factor - but it looks like he hardly takes any damage at all for large portions of the fights though, either through his mitigation or the skill of his adversaries.

Can we ask him to publish a DVD already! Very Happy

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6Black Orc Empty Re: Black Orc on Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:44 am

Haha! Yeah that would be awesome! The Ralph versus Precept Chronicles perhaps? Another thing though, I checked the realmwar pages and got curious about the build he has. Ralph that is. He is mainly wounds specced with around 800 or so wounds, about 2300 AC or so BUT only around 250ish toughness... Shocked

I got around 400 Toughness now on Ulricus, with my AC aura up I get around 1800 or so and Im only 35. I got about 500 wounds now. It seems that the Blorc build around wounds is sufficent enough to keep him up and alive against to many classes? Hmm...jumping to conclusion perhaps, or pulling to large levers. I just expected him to have more toughness seeing how he really can take a beating Shocked

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7Black Orc Empty Black orc kick BW ass unfortunately. on Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:55 pm

Since I started playing the game it was easy to notice that if the enemy have a high lvl Black Orc and a good 2 healer behind him its impossible to kill him even with 3 BW. and some tank that holds him.

Its easy to feel that they made the tanks in this game (ironbreaker as well) without a proportion to other classes.
BO is still stronger than IB.

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