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Pictures from yesterdays Tier 4 RvR in Black Crag

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I guess those server transfers really got Burlok swinging. The amount of players in the Open RvR lakes in Black Crag yesterday was insane. All in all Order had something along 2,5 Warbands to 3,5. Im guessing Destruction had the same amount.

Some Order Warband Screenies:

From one view

And the other view

Some Destruction Warband Screenies:

From one view

And the other view

Yesterdays Heavy Metal task could perhaps have something to do with the fact that so many players were in the Open RvR lakes I guess. Nevertheless, there was a huge numbers of players there anyway.

Now if they could only fix the lag and client so it actually could handle this amount of players and WAR would be golden! Twisted Evil

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i read in chat that order had like 5 full WB's....just can say WOW.

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