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1Destruction Guild Empty Destruction Guild on Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:36 am

During the last few days "Sigmarian Vanguard" on Burlok has been quite quiet. This is because five of the most active players in that guild have rolled Destruction characters on the Karak-Norn server. Those who have are:

Sagrenor, Acer, Krogan, Bolts and my self. Along with us Adeaila and his Brother Epo have rolled a character as well.

We who are on Karak-Norn playing Destruction characters have no real plans to abandon "Sigmarian Vanguard" on Burlok. Here I will only tell you why I decided to roll a Destruction alt. Lately, and most due to the introduction of the knight, guildactivities have almost stopped and the game has more the character of being a sologrindfest to reach 40 with the knight as soon as possible. This has also led to most members being spread out amongts the tiers. To put it bluntly, this is no fun at all and just stressing and the Destruction character is just a relaxing getaway from that and a chance to play with eachother, being the same ranks and doing the same stuff together.

I could have posted earlier on these boards informing everyone about this. To the ones visiting the boards frequently and was not aware of the Destruction characters I do apologise to. I will put a note in the "Sigmarian Vanguard" guild window as well.

Last but not least, and again I speak only for myself here, I do not have any delusions as to what consequenses these newly created Destruction characters will have for the guild on Burlok. And quite frankly, are there any? The guild is still there and anyone that feel that they are still having fun and enjoying themself on Burlok should by all means remain there. Should I leave, and play Destruction instead then it can be easily arranged so that another one can take on the mantle on guildleader and continue to lead "Sigmarian Vanguard" on Burlok. Even if a coregroup of players decide to leave, it is up to the remaining members if they so choose to to continue in the guild or seek out another guild and other players to have fun with. This is not an impossible task. It is about putting some effort in and getting some in return. It is not about just getting because you happen to be in a guild.

Being guildleader doesnt mean that I am responsible for other players fun. It just means that I have some organising tasks to do and that I choose sometimes who to and not to recruit based on the guild policy.

It is a game, it is entertainment and one should play to have fun. I am currently having fun playing my Destruction character.

What I am trying to say is that I take my own responsibility for having fun in a game. I do not, and will not, be responsible for other players fun in the game. This you should seek out for yourself. If you feel abandoned on Burlok, and that you are no longer having fun in the guild due to it being deserted or whatever you have options. You do not have to remain. You can seek out your fun again in whatever way you seem fit.

This may sound harsh and egoistic, but for me it is an easy choice between two things:
Having fun and relaxing
Working so that others may have fun and relax

Until further notice, I will most likely continue to play my Destruction character until I either get bored there or feel compelled to rank my knight up again on Burlok. Whatever happens, now you know where I along with some other members are.

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